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The 2GIG ANT3X is a 10 inch in-wall cellular antenna module for the 2GIG Go!Control alarm systems. It is compatible with all of the communicators that are used by the GoControl and GC3 systems. This device is included with the purchase of the older 2GIG cellular communicators for the GoControl system (the Verizon GCCDMV-A and the AT&T GC3GA-A). It would need to be added as a separate item if your GC3 Verizon CDMAV-A-GC3 or GC3 AT&T 3GA-A-GC3 doesn’t have sufficient signal strenght without the antenna.

Similar to the ANT2X, there is a specialized, locking connector that offers a sturdy connection to the cellular radio. This a great option for increasing cellular signal without the time and energy of routing any cabling. You can simply connect the cable to the radio and position the flat end of the antenna in a wall cavity or anywhere you can acquire good cellular signal.

After the antenna is installed it is recommended to test the cellular signal reading in the panels Installer Toolbox. Press the logo on the lower right of the keypad. Then enter your installer code and select the Radio Status button. The minimum signal requirement is 7 out of 31 (7/31) or higher.

Like any cellular antenna, there is signal loss associated with signals traveling down cabling. Antennas are intended to offer a better point of reception. They are not designed to amplify the cellular signal. If the cellular coverage is poor everywhere we recommend looking into cellular amplifiers such as a 3G signal booster. Microcells from cell phone companies do not work since they require a phone number for enrollment.


  • Antenna installs in control panel or in wall behind panel
  • 10-inch cable
  • Plugs into the cell radio module
  • Locking connector
  • Works with GC2 panel
Shipping Info
  • Length5 (Inches)
  • Width1.8 (Inches)
  • Height0.5 (Inches)
  • Weight0.04 (Lbs)
  • Unit of MeasureEach
  • UPC817082010366
  • Master Pack Qty160

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