Current Audio ILS-120 In-Line Surge & Lightning Suppressor (FINAL SALE)

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The ILS-120 In-Line Surge Suppressor is an easy to install device designed to help protect TVs, computers, stereos, preamp processors, projectors and any equipment with a female IEC plug. The low profile design allows it to be easily concealed behind your TV or other equipment. Merely replace the supplied power cord with an ILS-120 and your protection begins. No electrician required. It shields your equipment from lightning, utility company surges, and fluctuations from in-home spikes and surges caused by drills, fans, saws, HVAC units, etc. It has one of the highest joule protection ratings in its class. Our surge device is used to shunt the high voltage transient voltages and absorb the harmful energy.


  • 1575 joules
  • Peak impulse current -60,000 amps
  • Maximum current load capacity -10 amps
  • UL rating -UL 1449 Revision 3
  • Manufacturer SKU:ILS-120

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