Denon RMR1913 Rack Mount Kit for AVRS950H (5U with feet, 4U without)

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Denon RMR1913 Rack Mount Kit for the AVR-S940H, AVR-S950H, AVR-S9300H, and AVR-S920W

Made for each other! The Denon Rack Mount Kit is a perfect fit for the AVR-S940H, AVR-S950H, AVR-S9300H, and AVR-S920W. It is tailored to accommodate the specific physical dimensions to fit in a standard rack. Best of all it comes with a DOA replacement warranty and additional screws.


Denon’s Legacy of Firsts and its 100-year history of delivering powerful audio and visual experiences mark the company’s path into the future. They continue to celebrate the core strength of their products to deliver power, precision and performance. In addition, Denon is looking forward, evolving and constantly seeking to transform ideas into leading innovations. Whatever the evolution, Denon will be there – adding to their already prestigious Legacy of Firsts.

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