ICM FSNS59U-25 Rg59 F-Style Connector


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Snap-N-Seal ProSNS Compression Connectors

Specifically designed to combine the patented technologies of Snap-N-Seal and F-Conn to provide ease of installation and quality performance, the Belden Snap-N-Seal ProSNS connectors deliver a reliable connection for a variety of applications.

ProSNS Universal F Connector

The ProSNS F type connectors use a patented, removable plastic sleeve guide designed to assist with the insertion of the cable center conductor to simplify the installation. As the cable center conductor is inserted into the back end of the connector, the removable plastic guide is pushed forward and out from the front end of the connector. When the guide is completely pushed out from the front of the connector, it will detach and fall out. This design feature is to guide the insertion of the cable, and to help identify when the cable center conductor is fully and properly inserted into the connector.

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