Jamo JR-6 Outdoor 6.5" Stereo Rock Speaker - Sandstone (FINAL SALE)

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The JR-6 rock speaker is equipped with dual inputs, a dual voice coil woofer, and dual tweeters for true stereo reproduction from a single speaker. Inputs can also be summed to mono for maximum system flexibility in any listening environment, from small residential systems to massive commercial installs.

  • Satin Painted Finish
  • Compact Design
  • Single Point Stereo
  • All-Weather Durability
  • Optimized with JDA-500


The satin painted finish and compact design of the JR-6 allows it to blend seamlessly into even the most luxurious of outdoor living spaces, while the .75" aluminum tweeters and 6.5" dual voice coil IMG woofer provide detailed, dynamic, balanced sound.


A UV-resistant, fiberglass cabinet provides the utmost in all-weather capability. With an IP45 rating, the Jamo JR-6 rock satellite is lab tested and certified to offer the best in outdoor audio year in and year out.


The new Jamo JDA-500 DSP amplifier is the perfect match for the Jamo rock speakers series - with low impedance compatibility and one-click Jamo speaker presets to optimize the acoustic performance of your Jamo speakers - no amplifier sounds better with Jamo rock speakers.

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