Lutron LOSWIRWH Occupancy Sen Wall Mt Infrared1600


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Sub Brand: LOS-WIR series Application: Lighting Control Type: Infrared wall-mount occupancy sensor Color: Mounting: Ceiling Voltage Rating: Wattage: Actuator: Connection: Gang: Frequency Rating: Standard: UL, cUL Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius Special Features: Can be mounted to a wall or ceiling for use in spaces with pendant fixtures, ceiling fans, or high ceilings (higher than 12 ft (3.7 m). Designed to meet the challenges found in a wide variety of spaces, the sensor works well in spaces with overhead fans and space heaters. Ideal for us in work areas, storage facilities, storerooms, indoor garages, and rooms with pendant fixtures. Intelligent, continually adapting Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor. The internal microprocessor analyzes the information from the PIR technology and determines the optimum setting to use in order to properly cover the space. The sensor identifies, records, and learns normal occupancy cycles of a space. Over an initial 4 week period. the sensor logs room occupancy for each 24 hour period. The information gathered by the sensor is used to automatically adjust the dual internal sensitivity bias threshold. This technology eliminates time-consuming adjustments and callbacks found in non-intelligent sensors. Reliable motion detection with high error immunity. Flexible base mounting on wall or ceiling. Aim and lock: base mount permits fast alignment. Non-volatile memory: settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages. 1600 ft2 (148 m2) coverage when used where ceiling height is between 8 to 12 ft (2.4 to 3.7 m). Affords choice of turning lights off or dimming to a preset level in the unoccupied state when integrated with a Lutron system.

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