Lutron QSWS23BDIWH Qsws2 Wallstn 3Bd Ins Wh Unengraved


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Sub Brand: SeeTouch QS Application: Lighting and Shade control Type: Wallstation Color: White Mounting: Voltage Rating: Wattage: Actuator: Connection: Gang: Frequency Rating: Standard: Operating Temperature: Special Features: Dual 3-Button, insert model. Used to control one or more lighting or window treatment groups simultaneously. Functions as two independently programmable 3-button controllers. Can control two lighting or shade zones, or one of each. Receives up to two contact closure inputs via a connector on the back of the wallstation. Large, rounded buttons are easy to use. Backlit buttons with optional engraving make it easy to find and operate the wallstation in low light conditions. Optional button engraving is angled up to the eye for easy reading. The LEDs next to each button are used during programming and provide feedback when the buttons are pressed. Shade control (E01 engraving) can be used to control multiple groups of shades independently from a single-gang keypad. Can control Sivoia QS window treatments. Pressing the open (or close) button once will cause the window treatments to move to fully open or closed. Tap any button (regardless of function) to stop a shade that is in motion.

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