Lutron RRT-G25LW Grafikt White 600W Dimmer

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This is the RadioRA 2 architectural RF GRAFIK T CL dimmer. RadioRA® 2 architectural RF GRAFIK T local controls function much like standard dimmers or switches, but can be operated as part of a lighting control system. GRAFIK T controls are useful in locations where single circuits of lighting need to be dimmed or switched. All Dimmers, Switches, and Accessories GRAFIK T dimmers and switches contain an Advanced Programming Mode (APM) that allows users to customize the control to meet their specific needs.

Available advanced features include:

  • Low-end Trim: Adjust the minimum light level of the load.
  • LED Brightness: Select between high and low brightness of the control LED.
  • Sound On/Off: Enable or disable audible clicking feedback.
  • Delayed Fade-to-Off: Adjust the waiting period upon fade-to-off.
  • Toggle Fade Rate Adjust: Adjust the fade rate upon toggling.
  • Protected Preset Adjust: Select between locked and unlocked presets.
  • Check out the RadioRA 2 products page here.
  • Controls include dimmers, switches, and companion devices.
  • Simple touch control.
  • Distinctive architectural aesthetic.
  • Softly lit white LEDs indicate light level and coordinate with any décor.
  • Advanced microprocessor dimming technology for control of dimmable LED lamps.
  • Low-end and high-end trim are available for improved LED dimming performance (dimmer only).
  • Optional neutral connection available for superior LED dimming performance (C•L® dimmer only).
  • Phase selectable technology allows forward or reverse phase dimming for compatibility with more load types.
  • Installs in single-pole or multi-location applications. Companion devices are available for multi-location control with dimmers and switches (maximum 4 companion devices per dimmer or switch, 1 main control per circuit).
  • Use Lutron® GRAFIK TTM wallplates (sold separately).
  • Lutron® GRAFIK TTM wallplates snap on with no visible means of attachment.

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