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Fan tray system lets you locate fans directly above vents on hot equipment to help hot air get moving in the right direction for rack cooling systems. - Uses from 3 to 8 quiet 4^ DC fans (69 CFM for each fan) - 8 fan mounting positions and optional add-on fans let you locate fans exactly where needed - Energy-saving thermostatic control for automatic on/off as needed - Powered by a single power cord - Occupies only one rackspace - Adjustable mounting range of 18^ to 32^


  • Locates fans directly above hot equipment to promote air flow
  • Tray can be adjusted on mounting rails as needed
  • Fans can be located in best positions for project needs
  • Additional fans can be added, up to a total of 8
  • Includes power supply and thermostatic controller
  • Includes three fans (69 CFM per fan)

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