OnQ CO1110 Selective Call 8-Location Intercom Module

OnQAVAD SKU: 132837 MPN: CO1110

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The 10x8 combo distributes up to 4 incoming telephone lines (110 IDC Punchdown) to 10 locations, and 1 GHz video to eight locations. The innovative mounting bracket includes a detachable platform for the coax splitter, allowing easy access to all termination ports during installation. The platform attaches securely to create a compact form factor that takes up minimal space in the enclosure.


  • Eight way, 1 GHz passive digital HDTV cable splitter
  • Coaxial splitter is compatible with existing and future networks such as VoIP and DOCSIS 3.0
  • 10 way, 4-line 110 IDC Punchdown telecom module
  • Includes RJ31X line seizure port for security installations
  • Mounting infrastructure included
  • UL listed

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