Optoma GB200+ Optgb200+ Dual Channel Edge Blending Processor. Up To Wuxga Resolution. 2X Hdmi In. 2X Dvi-I In. Resolution. 2X Hdmi In. 2X Dvi-I In.

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The Optoma GB-200+ is an intuitive edge blending and image warping processor that can merge overlapping edges of multiple projectors. It can configure stacking and blending automatically using a compatible camera (not included) and Auto Warp software (included with GB-200+). The Auto Warp software can auto blend on flat and curved surfaces with up to six WUXGA projectors. It can pre-cut a single image to form a seamless picture up to a 2×2 projection array for quicker and easier installation. More complex arrays are achievable with an additional multi-output graphics card. XGA, WXGA, 1080p and WUXGA resolutions are supported via VGA, DVI and HDMI. Color, black-level and gamma correction compensate for the challenges faced when blending projectors. Dual channel edge blending and image warping processor.

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