RTI ZB-PRO Professional 2.4GHz Network Management Tool


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The ZB-Pro is a Professional Network Management Tool for use with RTI 2.4GHz wireless ZigBee networks. Attached to a standard USB port of a PC, the ZB-Pro communicates with ZM-24 Transceiver Modules via 2.4GHz RF during the setup process.


  • Updates the firmware in the RTI ZM-24 Transceiver Module.
  • Downloads network configuration data into a ZM-24.
  • No external power supply is required. Power is derived directly
  • from the USB port.
  • Utilizes IEEE 802.15.4 wireless Zigbee communication at 2.4Ghz.
  • Feedback LEDs confirm various operations.
  • Compact, rugged design.
  • Available only to professional systems integrators.

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