Rimikon RIM-209W 7.5 Watt 4" Dimmable LED Recessed POT Light (FINAL SALE)

RimikonAVAD SKU: 138252 MPN: 209W

Color: White
Only 5 units left

Rimikon 7.5-watt, 4" dimmable white LED recessed lights (also known as LED downlights, pot lights or can lights) are designed for ceilings, showers and outdoor soffits using extra low voltage wiring. Expected life span: up to 50,000 hours (17 years at 8 hours per day).

Rimikon recessed LED lights are designed for commercial and residential applications using extra low voltage wiring. Can be used in outdoor soffit, shower space, indoor ceilings. This unit is dimmable and does not require a metal back box. Our recessed LED light works with a 24 volt DC power supply (Power Supply not included)

Manufacturer SKU: RIM-209W

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