Screen Innovations 5TGFL100PG 100" Flush Mountable TV Slate

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Zero-G is Rollable TV. When you’re watching the game, your favorite movie, or need a screen in the perfect location for your board-room, Zero-G drops out of the case and expands at a preset location giving you a “levitating” image, suspended by cables. We even ship each screen with a “color matching system” (they’re just crayons) so you can color your cables to match your walls and watch as they completely disappear!

Take Back Your Room.

You paid for your view. Don’t re-arrange your room just so you can see the flat panel television. With Zero-G you can drop your screen in front of a bay of windows, or art-deco wall where you never could have placed a flat-panel television. Your orientation is now dictated by your room, not your TV.


We have ensured that installation of Zero-G is as simple and smooth as possible by engineering features such as removable PCB and upper motor lift tubes, factory pre-programmed bomb bay doors (flush unit only), automatic upper limits via optical sensors, and pre-installed material rolls which can optionally be shipped separate for new construction.


When you buy a Zero-G screen, you are buying something that does not exist anywhere else. It is a completely new, one-of-a-kind approach to motorized screens that is uniquely suited to overcoming major challenges associated with the typical viewing experience.

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