SCP 22/6P 22/6 Stranded Plenum 1000ft Spool - White

Structured Cable ProductsAVAD SKU: 603366 MPN: 22/6P

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Applications:Security Systems, Intercom Systems, Sound/Audio Systems, Power-Limited Controls. Cables are manufactured to meet current NEC guidelines and are verified by outside standards organizations including c(UL)us and c(ETL)us. Features:Multi-Conductor unshielded low smoke PVC insulated stranded bare copper conductors, twisted with overall low smoke PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket. CMP/FT6 Rated, FPLP, CL2P, CL3P22-16 AWG: NEC FPLP/760, CMP/800, CL3P, CL2P/72514-12 AWG: FPLP, CL3P ETL, c(ETL), RoHS, CE

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