SCP ILS-200 1525 Joule Surge Protector

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Voltage spikes can destroy your most expensive electronics in seconds! The Structured Cable Products In-Line Surge Protector can ensure the safety of your valuable electronic devices. The ILS-200 In-Line Surge Protector is designed to plug in behind any LCD, LED, Plasma TV or a standard wall receptacle. It has a right angle male plug with an inline surge suppression and RFI reducer. This allows the TV and wall mount to have a lower profile and fit close to the wall without the plug and cord projecting into the space between outlet and TV. SPECS: System Type: In-Line Suppressor Device. UL Rating: UL 1449 Revision 3. Line Voltage: 120VAC, 50/60Hz. RFI Filter, Improves picture/ sound: YES. Required Branch Circuit: 15 amp breaker with 14-12 gauge wire. Maximum Current Load Capacity: 10 amps. Protection Modes, 3 way: Line to ground, line to neutral, neutral to ground. Thermal Fusing(3): Yes. Power dissipation: 1525 joules. Peak impulse current: 60, 000 amps. Catastrophic surge circuit: Yes.


  • Protects valuable electronic devices from voltage spikes
  • Plugs in behind any LCD, LED, Plasma TV or a standard wall receptacle

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